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The $VERSIONINFO metacommand adds text metadata to the resulting executable for identification purposes across the OS. Windows-only.




  • Text keys can be: CompanyName, FileDescription, InternalName, LegalCopyright, LegalTrademarks, OriginalFilename, ProductName, Web, Comments
  • Numeric keys can be:FILEVERSION# and PRODUCTVERSION#


  • Text and numerical values are string literals without quotes entered by programmer. No variables are accepted. (variable names would be interpreted as literals).
  • Numeric key=value must be 4 comma-separated numerical text values entered by programmer which usually stand for major, minor, revision and build numbers).
  • Not available in Linux or macOS.


  • Build 20170429/52 and up.


Example: Adding metadata to a Windows exe compiled with QB64:

$VERSIONINFO:CompanyName=Your company name goes here $VERSIONINFO:FILEVERSION#=1,0,0,0 $VERSIONINFO:PRODUCTVERSION#=1,0,0,0

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