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The UNLOCK statement opens access to parts or all of a file to other programs and network users.


UNLOCK [#]fileNumber%
UNLOCK [#]fileNumber%, record&
UNLOCK [#]fileNumber%, [firstRecord&] TO lastRecord&


  • fileNumber% is the file number of the file to unlock.
  • In the first syntax, the entire file is unlocked.
  • In the second syntax, record& is the record number of the file to unlock.
  • In the third syntax, the records or bytes in the range [firstRecord&,lastRecord&] are unlocked. If firstRecord& is omitted, it is assumed to be the first record or byte.
  • For files opened in BINARY mode, each record corresponds to a single byte.
  • LOCK and UNLOCK statements are always used in pairs and each statement must match the other one.
  • Files must be unlocked before other programs can access them, and before the file is closed.
  • Keyword Not Supported in Linux or MAC versions

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