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QB64 has console window support using the following QB64 Metacommand or keyword:



  • _CONSOLE OFF turns the console window off once a console has been established using the $CONSOLE Metacommand.
  • _CONSOLE ON should only be used AFTER the console window has been turned OFF previously.
  • _DEST CONSOLE can be used to send screen output to the console window using QB64 commands such as PRINT.
  • _SCREENHIDE or _SCREENSHOW(after window is hidden) can be used to hide or display the main program window.
  • The $SCREENHIDE Metacommand can hide the main program window throughout a program when only the console is used.
  • The $SCREENSHOW Metacommand can be used to display the main program window in a section of code after being hidden.
  • When the program ends in the console window, a "Press Enter to continue" message will appear using QB64.

Copying console screen text

Console Window text can be copied by highlighting the text holding down the left mouse button. Once text is highlighted, right click the console window title bar to open the Edit > menu and click Copy. Paste and Select All are also available in the menu.

Example: Copying console window text is as simple as a right click on highlighted text areas. Another right click will close console.

$SCREENHIDE $CONSOLE _DEST _CONSOLE PRINT PRINT "Copy this text by highlighting and right clicking!"

Note: You may have to right click the title bar and select Edit > Select All to start a copy. Then re-highlight text area desired and right click Edit > Copy or press the Enter key. Right click in the title bar area only, not in the program window area!

The copy procedure will also work in CMD.EXE console windows Run from the Start Menu or the Command Prompt shortcut.
Note: A second right click may Paste the clipboard text to the DOS command line instead of closing console.

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