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{{Cl|PRINT}} "Thank you for your honesty!"
{{Cl|PRINT}} "Thank you for your honesty!"
{{Cl|PRINT}} "You can't both have won!"
{{Cl|PRINT}} "You can't both have won (or lost)!"
{{Cl|END IF}}
{{Cl|END IF}}

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XOR evaluates two expressions and if either of them is True then it returns True, if both of them are True then it returns False, if both of them are False then it returns False.


condition XOR condition2


  • Either condition or condition2 must be True for the evaluation to return True.
  • It is called "extended OR" because the conditions cannot both be True for it to return True like the OR evaluation.
  • condition and condition2 can themselves contain XOR evaluations.


Example: Dilemma...

True = NOT False AndersWon = True PeterWon = True IF AndersWon = True XOR PeterWon = True THEN PRINT "Thank you for your honesty!" ELSE PRINT "You can't both have won (or lost)!" END IF

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