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The _SNDGETPOS function returns the current playing position in seconds using a handle from _SNDOPEN.


position = _SNDGETPOS(handle&)


  • Returns the current playing position in seconds from an open sound file.
  • If a sound isn't playing, it returns 0.
  • If a sound is paused, it returns the paused position.
  • For a looping sound, the value returned continues to increment and does not reset to 0 when the sound loops.
  • In versions prior to build 20170811/60, the sound identified by handle& must have been opened using the "SETPOS" capability to use this function.


Example: To check the current playing position in an MP3 file, use _SNDPLAY with _SNDGETPOS printed in a loop:

SoundFile& = _SNDOPEN("YourSoundFile.mp3") '<<< your MP3 sound file here! _SNDSETPOS SoundFile&, 5.5 'set to play sound 5 1/2 seconds into music _SNDPLAY SoundFile& 'play sound Do: _LIMIT 60 LOCATE 5, 2: PRINT "Current play position> "; _SNDGETPOS(SoundFile&) LOOP UNTIL _KEYDOWN(27) OR NOT _SNDPLAYING(SoundFile&) 'ESC or end of sound exit

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