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The SEEK statement sets the next byte or record position of a file for a read or write.


SEEK filenumber&, position

  • filenumber must be the file number that is OPEN and being read or written to.
  • position is a byte in BINARY or sequencial files created in OUTPUT, APPEND or INPUT (file mode)s. The first byte = 1.
  • position is the record in RANDOM files to read or write. Records can hold more than one variable defined in a TYPE.
  • Since the first SEEK file position is 1 it may require adding one to an offset value when documentation uses that position as 0.
  • After a SEEK statement, the next file operation starts at that SEEK byte position.
  • The SEEK statement can work with the SEEK function to move around in a file.

Example: A SEEK statement using the SEEK function to move to the next random record in a file.

SEEK 1, SEEK(1) + 1

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