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The RMDIR statement deletes an empty directory using a designated path relative to the present path location.


RMDIR directory$


  • directory$ is a relative path to the directory to delete.
  • Directory path must be a literal or variable STRING value designating the folder to be deleted.
  • If the directory contains files or folders, a file/path access error will occur.
  • If the directory path cannot be found, a path not found error occurs.


ON ERROR GOTO ErrorHandler DO ERRcode = 0 INPUT "Enter path and name of directory to delete: "; directory$ IF LEN(directory$) THEN 'valid user entry or quits RMDIR directory$ 'removes empty folder without a prompt IF ERRcode = 0 THEN PRINT "Folder "; directory$; " removed." END IF LOOP UNTIL ERRcode = 0 OR LEN(directory$) = 0 SYSTEM ErrorHandler: ERRcode = ERR 'get error code returned SELECT CASE ERRcode CASE 75 PRINT directory$ + " is not empty!" CASE 76 PRINT directory$ + " does not exist!" CASE ELSE PRINT "Error"; ERRcode; "attempting to delete " + directory$ END SELECT PRINT RESUME NEXT

This Windows-specific output from two runs of the above program is typical, though your output may vary. User-entered text is in italics.

Enter path and name of directory to delete: Some\Folder\That\Doesnt\Exist Some\folder\That\Doesnt\Exist does not exist! Enter path and name of directory to delete: C:\temp C:\temp is not empty!

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