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The _RESIZEHEIGHT function returns the user resized screen pixel height if $RESIZE:ON allows it and _RESIZE returns -1


newHeight& = _RESIZEHEIGHT


  • _RESIZE function must return true (-1) before the requested screen dimensions can be returned by the function.
  • The program should decide if the request is allowable for proper program interaction.


  • Version 1.000 and up.


Example: Resize the current screen image according to user's request.

$RESIZE:ON s& = _NEWIMAGE(300, 300, 32) SCREEN s& bee& = _LOADIMAGE("qb64_trans.png") 'replace with your own image DO IF _RESIZE THEN oldimage& = s& s& = _NEWIMAGE(_RESIZEWIDTH, _RESIZEHEIGHT, 32) SCREEN s& _FREEIMAGE oldimage& END IF CLS 'Center the QB64 bee image: x = _WIDTH / 2 - _WIDTH(bee&) / 2 y = _HEIGHT / 2 - _HEIGHT(bee&) / 2 _PUTIMAGE (x, y), bee& _DISPLAY _LIMIT 30 LOOP

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