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Optional parameters are values passed to SUB and FUNCTION procedures. They are always enclosed in parenthesis inside the procedures.


SUB SubName[(parameter [AS Type][, ...])]
FUNCTION FunctionName[(parameter [AS Type][, ...])]
CALL SubName[(parameter[, ...])]
SubName [parameter][, ...]
FunctionName[(parameter[, ...])]


  • Inside of sub-procedures, multiple parameters variables are separated by commas in a list and always enclosed inside of parenthesis.
  • When CALL is used to call a SUB procedure all parameters must be enclosed inside parenthesis too.
  • When just the procedure name is used to call a SUB, the parameters are listed after the name. Multiple parameters require commas.
  • FUNCTION procedure parameters are always enclosed in parenthesis. Multiple parameters are separated by commas.
  • Parameters can be literal values or variables when a SUB procedure is called or a FUNCTION procedure is referenced.
  • To pass parameter variables by value to protect the value in a call, parenthesis can be placed around each variable name also.
  • To pass arrays to a sub-procedure use empty brackets after the name or indicate the index in the call.

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