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The _MAPUNICODE statement maps a Unicode value to an ASCII character code value.


_MAPUNICODE unicode& TO asciiCode%

  • The LONG unicode& value is a hexadecimal or decimal code value from a Unicode Code Page.
  • The asciiCode% INTEGER parameter is any ASCII or Extended code value from 0 to 255.
  • Use the Unicode Page Table values listed here: DOS Code Pages or Windows Mapping
  • Once the codes are mapped, key entries will display the unicode character in the monospace font selected.
  • The _MAPUNICODE function can be used to verify or read the present Unicode UTF32 code point settings.
  • _MAPUNICODE can place the Unicode characters TO any ASCII code space you desire (0 to 255).


Example: Converting the extended ASCII characters to other characters using DATA from the Unicode Code Pages.

SCREEN 0 _FONT _LOADFONT("C:\windows\fonts\cour.ttf", 20, "MONOSPACE") RESTORE Microsoft_pc_cpMIK FOR ASCIIcode = 128 TO 255 READ unicode _MAPUNICODE Unicode TO ASCIIcode NEXT FOR i = 128 TO 255 PRINT CHR$(i) + " "; cnt = cnt + 1 IF cnt MOD 16 = 0 THEN PRINT NEXT END Microsoft_pc_cpMIK: DATA 1040,1041,1042,1043,1044,1045,1046,1047,1048,1049,1050,1051,1052,1053,1054,1055 DATA 1056,1057,1058,1059,1060,1061,1062,1063,1064,1065,1066,1067,1068,1069,1070,1071 DATA 1072,1073,1074,1075,1076,1077,1078,1079,1080,1081,1082,1083,1084,1085,1086,1087 DATA 1088,1089,1090,1091,1092,1093,1094,1095,1096,1097,1098,1099,1100,1101,1102,1103 DATA 9492,9524,9516,9500,9472,9532,9571,9553,9562,9566,9577,9574,9568,9552,9580,9488 DATA 9617,9618,9619,9474,9508,8470,167,9559,9565,9496,9484,9608,9604,9612,9616,9600 DATA 945,223,915,960,931,963,181,964,934,920,937,948,8734,966,949,8745 DATA 8801,177,8805,8804,8992,8993,247,8776,176,8729,183,8730,8319,178,9632,160

Note: The Unicode data field is created by adding DATA before each line listed for the appropriate Code Page.

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