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The _CV function is used to convert _MK$, ASCII, STRING values to numerical values.


result = _CV(numericalType, MKstringValue$)



  • The MKstringvalue$ value type must match the numerical type parameter used.
  • _MK$ string values consist of ASCII characters in the same byte length as the number value type.


Example: Using the _MK$ and _CV functions:

DIM i64 AS _INTEGER64 DIM i64str AS STRING i64 = 2 ^ 61 i64str = _MK$(_INTEGER64, i64) PRINT "I64:"; i64 PRINT "_MK$: "; i64str i64 = _CV(_INTEGER64, i64str) PRINT "_CV:"; i64

I64: 2305843009213693952 _MK$: _CV: 2305843009213693952

The _MK$ string result may not print anything to the screen, as in the example above, unless _CONTROLCHR is set to OFF.

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