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The _CONSOLEINPUT function is used to monitor any new mouse or keyboard input coming from a $CONSOLE window. It must be called in order for _CINP to return valid values. Windows-only.


infoExists%% = _CONSOLEINPUT


  • Returns 1 if new keyboard information is available, 2 if mouse information is available, otherwise it returns 0.
  • Must be called before reading any of the other mouse functions and before reading _CINP.
  • To clear all previous input data, read _CONSOLEINPUT in a loop until it returns 0.
  • To capture mouse input, turn off Quick Edit in the settings of command prompt and use _SOURCE _CONSOLE.
  • Not available in Linux or macOS.


Example 1: Reading individual key strokes from a console window (Windows).

$CONSOLE:ONLY _DEST _CONSOLE: _SOURCE _CONSOLE PRINT "Press any key, and I'll give you the scan code for it. <ESC> quits the demo." PRINT PRINT DO x = _CONSOLEINPUT IF x = 1 THEN 'read only keyboard input ( = 1) c = _CINP PRINT c; END IF LOOP UNTIL c = 1 END

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