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The '''ALIAS''' clause in a [[DECLARE LIBRARY]] statement block tells the program the name of the procedure used in the external library.
::: SUB ''pseudoname'' '''ALIAS''' ''actualname'' [(''parameters'')]
* The ''pseudo name'' is the name of the [[SUB]] or [[FUNCTION]] the QB64 program will use.
* The ''actual name'' is the same procedure name as it is inside of the DLL library.
* QB64 must use all parameters of imported procedures including optional ones.
* The ALIAS name clause is optional as the original library procedure name can be used.
* The procedure name does not have to be inside of quotes when using [[DECLARE LIBRARY]].
* QB64 does not support creating optional parameters at this time.
* In Qbasic ALIAS was originally only used in a [[DECLARE (non-BASIC statement)]] library declarations.
''Example:'' Instead of creating a SUB with the Library statement inside of it, just rename it:
{{CodeStart}} '' ''
  {{Cl|SUB}} MouseMove {{Cl|ALIAS}} SDL_WarpMouse ({{Cl|BYVAL}} xoffset&, {{Cl|BYVAL}} yoffset&)
:''Explanation:'' When a Library procedure is used to represent another procedure name use ALIAS instead. Saves creating a SUB! Just place your name for the procedure first with the actual Library name after ALIAS.
* [[SUB]], [[FUNCTION]]
* [[DECLARE (non-BASIC statement)]]

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